General Rules 2018 (docx)


2019 4-Banger Rules (pdf)


2019 Bomber Rules (pdf)


Lucky 7 Stock Car Rules brought to you by Dirt Wife Shoppe

UMP Rules Plus: 

Any 4-barrel carburetor & roller cams allowed

2019 ASG Ink I-Mod Rules


2019 UMP Modifieds

Shadyhill Follows UMP Modified Rules. Link below will take you to UMP's Modified rules.

2019 Rick's Auto Repair Pro Late Models

Shadyhill Follows UMP Pro Late Model Rules. Link below will take you to UMP's Pro Late Model Rules.

Dyno Test Notes for Pro Late Model

For 2019 we reserve the right to dyno any Pro Late Model's chassis or engine.

  • Dyno test will be Monday morning unless otherwise specified.
  • Driver & car owner only allowed at test.
  • All payout and points will be held until car is deemed legal.
  • Only a competitor that finished in the top 3 is subject to a Dyno test.
  • A competitor finishing in the top 3 can protest another competitors motor to be tested.
  • Only one protest per year, per driver allowed.
  • No reverse protesting.
  • If a competitor refuses to remove motor he/she will be suspended from competing at Shadyhill for the remainder of the season.