General Rules 2018 (docx)


2018 4-Banger Rules (pdf)


2018 Bomber Rules (pdf)


2018 Enduro Rules (pdf)


2018 TEEN-4 RULES (pdf)


Stock Car Rules

UMP Rules Plus: 

Crate Motor 2,800 lbs.

Body can be steel or aluminum

Any Hoosier tire.

Any 4-barrel carburetor & roller cams allowed

Reliable Driveaway UMP Modifieds

Dyno Test Notes for Late Model & I-Mod

The track reserves the right to remove a competitors engine for a dyno test following any scheduled races.

  • Dyno test will be Monday morning unless otherwise specified.
  • Driver & car owner only allowed at test.
  • All payout and points will be held until motor is deemed legal.
  • Only a competitor that finished in the top 3 is subject to a Dyno test.
  • A competitor finishing in the top 3 can protest another competitors motor to be tested.
  • Only one protest per year, per driver allowed.
  • No reverse protesting.
  • If a competitor refuses to remove motor he/she will be suspended from competing at Shadyhill for the remainder of the season.